Cartomancy & Protection

  1.  What is the correct protection and protocol to be used when working with tarot cards

Whilst the source or the guardians of the tarot may or may not come from a higher realm or higher consciousness, from a protection perspective that is quite irrelevant actually. This is because any work that involves connection or contact with subtle energies opens a doorway through and around other subtle energies of all ranges; high and low. Most frequently, many psychics actually only work within the Astral anyway, despite what they may tell you, and nearly all sources of information should be questioned, as accuracy is not always the best judge of the source of any information.

It is not the essence of the cards that is important here. It is the frequency, intent, experience and protection knowledge of the card reader that actually count. Even the most 'spiritually cleansed' items have been known to attract negative energies, so their original source can be quite inconsequential when linked to the physical world; especially when passing through the frail ego-ridden shell of man. It is like a two way telephone conversation that has static on the line or a third party being able to listen in or even interact within the conversation itself. Knowing how to stop it, AND how to discern from 'it' and the original source is the real measure of the skill of any alternative practitioner.

Psychic work does not travel cleanly between 'a' and 'z'. It goes from 'a' to 'z' through/past b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, and so on, on the way. The purpose of protection is to stop the b's, c's and d's, etc from interrupting and degrading the connection AND subsequently, the information received by the psychic, medium, card reader, channeller, clairvoyant, etc.

The best method of protection will always be the one that works the most effectively for you, and there is nothing like time served experience in helping you to develop your own effective psychic protection methods. For the beginner or novice there are a number of methods that can be used, but always be sure to ground yourself first.

If you would like a simple but effective grounding and protection method, you might like to try  'The Bubble of Light' process, which you can download at:

For more intermediate processes, you may like to consider reading the book Psychic Self-Defence, which you can purchase at:

If all else fails, what many people are unaware of is that the Lords Prayer has a built in protection protocol, and it is a most highly effective method of requesting protection from the ultimate source.

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